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Cartref Caravan & Campsite are located only 5 miles away from the historic town of Shrewsbury, there is plenty of places to visit and things to see and do.

Shrewsbury has been called 'England's finest Tudor town' with good reason, black and white properties are everywhere and with over 660 listed buildings (quite a list) all linked by ancient shuts or passageways.

Charles Darwin, perhaps the town's greatest son, would still recognise much of modern Shrewsbury. His statue stands outside the library, erected by proud townsfolk in 1894 - even though at that time he was still considered a dangerous atheist. 2009 sees his bi-centenary and Shrewsbury will be holding a range of events and activities that form part of the annual Darwin Festival.


A little further afield, you'll find Wroxeter Roman City and even a Roman Vineyard. Perfect for a morning or afternoon trip out into history.


The beautiful town of Ironbridge is only a few minutes drive away.


It was here, within the dramatic gorge of the River Severn, that the great Ironmaster Abraham Darby perfected the secret of smelting iron with cheap and plentiful coke, instead of expensive and less efficient charcoal.


Britain, and the world, would never be the same again.


Shropshire's gastronomic capital, with plenty of fine restaurants and pubs, in fact you'll find many good public houses in the area.


Shropshire's very own lake district with glacial meres created from the last ice age.


If you are the active type, you might like to visit the websites below for inspiration of what to do in Shropshire:

Shropshire Walking

Shropshire Riding

Shropshire Cycling

For a more comprehensive view of the rest of Shropshire, please visit:

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